One of the highlight policies that take effect from 24th December 2018 is adjusting pension for female employees who retire from 2018 – 2021.

1. Adjust pension for female employees who retire from 2018 – 2021.
Decree No. 153/2018/ND-CP assigns adjusting pension policy for female employees who start receiving pensions from 2018 to 2021 with paid social insurance premiums for at least full 20 years to 29 years and six months, will be applied from today – 24th December 2018.
Adjustment level will be calculated based on the level of pension at the time for starting pension enjoyment multiplied adjustment rate corresponding to the period of social insurance premium payment and time for pension enjoyment.
In which, employees who retire in 2019, the highest adjustment rate is 9.23% and the lowest adjustment rate is 0.81%. Employees who retire in 2020, the highest adjustment rate is 6.15% and the lowest adjustment rate is 0.64% depending on the period of social insurance premium payment…

2. New conditions for websites and social network
This content is assigned in Decree No. 150/2018/ND-CP amending numbers of Decree related to business investment conditions and administrative procedures in the field of information and communication whereby the general websites and social network of the same organization or enterprise are not allowed to use the same domain name with the same sequence of characters (including secondary domain names); There must be at least 1 person who manages the information content and 1 person who manage technology instead of at least 1 person as before.
With the G1 video game, this Decree also requires that this service provider must have a head office with a clear and being contacted address, contact phone number…

3. National athletes earn salary 270,000 VND / day of competition
On December 24th, 2018, Decree 152/2018 / ND-CP stipulates a number of regimes for coaches, sports athletes during the training and competition time will also get an effect.
This Decree specifies the salary of athletes who are not paid from the State budget as follows:
– National team athletes: 270,000 VND /person/day;
– National youth team athletes: 215,000 VND /person/day;
– Athletes of branches, provinces, and centrally-run cities team: 180,000 VND/person/day …

4. Annul 2 administrative procedures managed by the Ministry of Information and Communication
In Decision No. 2099 / QD-BTTTT, the Ministry of Information and Communications has annulled 02 administrative procedures including Granting import license of postage stamps and re-granting import license of postage stamps.
In addition, the Decision announced 16 amended centrally administrative procedures including Granting licensing of establishing publisher; Granting licenses of printing publications; Granting licensing of importing-publications business…

Source: LuatVietnam

Translated by Office of Inspections and Legal Affairs